My new favorite 4K monitor

I like tiny text. My monitor doubles as my HDTV. The LG 27UD68-P series is by far my favorite. The P-B version has a sturdier, more adjustable base than this -P model and the -W (white) model but they all have the same amazing panel and have standard VESA mounts for upgrading the stand. I bought a P-B for home and a -W model for work (irresistible sale). If you have a Mac with Thunderbolt 2 (mini-DP) ports you’ll need a 4K capable Mini-DP to DisplayPort cable as only DisplayPort and HDMI 2.0 cables are included. Macs look AMAZING and Windows 10 looks spiffy too. Linux HiDPI isn’t quite there yet, at least on Centos 7, so I dropped back to 1440p res on that. The speakers are decent and there’s a headphone jack. 4K YouTube videos, like the recent GoPro demos, really show this monitor off. I haven’t purchased any Ultra Blu-Ray movies yet.

To do 4K in HDMI you have to enable “HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color”, which is turned off by default. See page 28 in the manual. My Xbox One S is able to display in 4K 8-bit color but not HDR on this monitor.

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